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Winemaking is a long lasting family tradition for the family of Archil Shekriladze. Since the 1920 Family every male family member has been making wine. Archil learned the secrets of traditional Georgian winemaking from his father and grandfather. In 2018 family wine heritage and knowledge was scaled into the family factory. Villa Mosavali owns 22 years old vineyards 2100 feet from the sea level. 

Grapes from Kakheti and Kartli fields are processed in a wine-inspired complex in Mtkheta- the Old Capital city of  Georgia– and become a happiness-sharing liquid. 30 km from Tbilisi, in a place full of sun and greenery, there is a villa where long-lasting family tradition and business exist together. 15 types of grapes are produced here, including wines made from rare grapes. When you drink wines crafted by Villa Mosavali, you will instinctively say: “Stop the moment you are wonderful!“



Goruli Mtsvane by Villa Mosavali | 2019

  • Natural wine

    Brand: Villa Mosavali

    Composition: 100% Goruli Mstvane 
    Style: Amber wine
    Aging: 7 months in qvevri
    Alcohol: 13%

    Production: <2600 bottles
    Total Sulphites: <40mg/L 

    Profile: Goruli mtsvane is in first place among the white grape varieties spread in the region and the best quality table wine is made from it. Grapes, which are grown in Mukhrani Valley, with unique properties are the creators of this adorable wine The light beige dry liquid with green hues. In qvevri ages, wine has the aromas of dried figs and ripe apricots. With a bouquet of medium acidity and balanced taste, it is as beautiful, light, and pleasant as a bright early spring morning in the Grandparent's woody courtyard home, where blooming white roses in the yard and children with pats playing in the hay.

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