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In Georgian "Napheri" is a process when you love something very much and you express it, your care and love. In my childhood, I found the remnants of the old wine cellar in my village. Only some part of the cellar, built centuries ago, survived. As a child, I used to go to this place every day, watching and dreaming that when I grew up I would build exactly such a cellar and restore this precious tradition in my region, which was then considered a forbidden activity during the communist era.

 In 2018, I fulfilled this dream and created my own cellar that would resemble the old cellar that inspired me in my childhood - I am one of the winemakers who revived this tradition in Georgia - a unique and characteristic method of winemaking was revived and resurrected like a phoenix. Glad to share this knowledge and love with my 6 children and the community, I feel this is the greatest thing I could ever do.


Rkatsiteli (Tsarapi) by Napheri | 2019

  • Natural wine

    Brand: Napheri

    Composition: 100% Rkatsiteli 
    Style: Amber wine
    Aging: 12 months in qvevri 
    Alcohol: 14%

    Production: <1000 bottles
    Total Sulphites: <50mg/L 


    Profile: You can feel the aromas of flowers, dried fruits, and apricots of Kakheti fields with the very first sip of the wine aged for 6 months in qvevri. Shortly after the first sip, quince and dried figs enter the taste arena. This light wine is made for everyday consumption - to create small sparks of joy during the day.

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