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What is a Qvevri?

From wikipedia: Qvevri are large earthenware vessels used for the fermentation, storage and ageing of traditional Georgian wine. Resembling large, egg-shaped amphorae without handles, they are either buried below ground or set into the floors of large wine cellars. Qvevri vary in size: volumes range from 20 liters to around 10,000; 800 is typical.

Why Natural Wine?

Natural wine is hard to define, but is best described as a philosophy. Natural winemakers don't try to force their vintages to conform to a certain ideal by using chemicals and other additives. Instead they allow the wines to be authentic to the grapes, the year, the terroir, and they celebrate this process! Natural wines also typically have fewer sulfates than industrially produced wines, which may help reduce hangovers!

OK I'm sold, where can I buy?

Our wines are currently for sale at fine establishments in Southern California. Send us an email if you want us to come to your area!

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