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Levan Bandzeladze founded Marbano (Acronyms of the full name of his daughter Mar-iam Ban-dzeladze) as a continuation of his family’s decades old winemaking heritage. Levan’s family was resettled to the Eastern Georgia in 1941. Since then, Bandzeladzes started making wine with the traditional Georgian technology. Family has owned vineyards since 1950 and cultivates several indigenous Georgian grape types, such as Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri, Tavkveri and Asuretuli.

Marbano, like the rest of our partner wineries, crafts natural wines in small batches. Levan has a mission to repair the damage that was made to the Georgian wine culture by the Soviet Union. During that period, winemaking was industrialized in Georgia as the country was the main wine supplier for the whole soviet union. Levan’s artisanal wines reflect the true characteristics of an exceptional Georgian wine..

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The Artisans of Georgia

At Qvevri, we're proud to partner with family owned wineries, dedicated to producing natural wines from Georgia's indigenous grapes. 



Levan Kbitlsetsklashvili is one of the wiinemakers who decided to revive the Georgian traditional winemaking tradition. He was inspired by a several centuries  old cellar  in the village Nazavi, that was abandoned during the Communitic period in Georgia. From his childhood, Levan wanted to revive this lost tradition, especially considering that his family had been making wines for decades.


In 2018 Levan built his own qvevri cellar and returned the lost tradition to the village. Levan’s cellar symbolizes the resurrection of the traditional winemaking in the village by handcrafting wines using the same technology and knowledge the region had proudly been using for centuries before the communistic invasion of the country.

 Villa Mosavali

Winemaking is a long lasting family tradition for the family of Archil Shekriladze. Since the 1920 Family every male family member has been making wine. Archil learned the secrets of traditional Georgian winemaking from his father and grandfather. In 2018 family wine heritage and knowledge was scaled into the family factory.


Family winery uses non-corrosive, as well as oak barrels and Georgian traditional technology of “Qvevri'' Clay vessels. Villa Mosavali grows several varieties of grapes planted in many different soils with an array of sun exposure. Vineyards, 40 hectares in total,  are located in most fruitful and diverse appellations of Georgia such as Kakheti and Kartli. While harvesting, the grapes are picked by hand and are collected in small trays to be transferred to the winery immediately. 



Berdia Berishvili is a 3rd generation winemaker, who turned his hobby into business and produced the first wines in 2006. Brand Barbale was established in 2015. Our philosophy is to give the opportunity to taste our history and heritage via our wines, to enable the wine drinker to feel more than just an alcohol, to experience the truth and the sincerity that we put into every bottle of wine. 

Regarding the name, In ancient Georgian mythology, the Female Goddess of sun and life was named Barbale. The sun is a source of life and immortality and is inspirational as wine itself. That's why  Barbale’s wine is full of mythos, history, and joy; and that's why the winery was  named  Barbale, after the ancient Goddess of the sun.  

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