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About Winery:

Brand Barbale was established in 2015. Barbale owns 10 to 60 years old vineyards in Bolnisi and Mukuzani PDOs, the area that has 8000 years of wine-making history. The whole process, from the cultivation of grapes to wine making is based on natural methods. By using 8 millennia-old winemaking traditions and the ancient knowledge that has been shared from generation to generation, Barbale is proud to be the wine artisan that creates exceptional wines from exceptional harvests.
The philosophy of Barbale is to give the opportunity to taste Georgian history and heritage via wines, to enable the wine drinker to feel more than just alcohol, to experience the truth and the sincerity that we put into every bottle of wine. In ancient Georgian mythology, the Female Goddess of sun and life was named Barbale. That's why Barbale’s wine is full of mythos, history, and joy; and that's why the winery was named Barbale, after the ancient Goddess of the sun.

Shavkapito by Barbale | 2020

  • Exceptional Harvest | Natural wine
    Brand: Barbale wines & distillery
    Composition: 100% Shavkapito
    Style: Still dry red wine
    Aging: 1-month skin contact 8 months in qvevri 
    Alcohol: 14.0%
    Production: <3000 bottles
    Total Sulphites: <40mg/L 


    ProfileThis red wine is made from a frost-resistant wine varietal. The currant, blackberry, and plum flavors coupled with a velvety aftertaste make this wine charismatic and expressive. This is a wine that loves attention, gentle treatment, and likes when its uniqueness is recognized.

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