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Levan Bandzeladze founded Marbano (Acronyms of the full name of his daughter Mar-iam Ban-dzeladze) as a continuation of his family’s decades old winemaking heritage. Levan’s family was resettled to the Eastern Georgia in 1941. Since then, Bandzeladzes started making wine with the traditional Georgian technology.

Family has owned vineyards since 1950 and cultivates several indigenous Georgian grape types, such as Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri, Tavkveri and Asuretuli. Marbano, like the rest of our partner wineries, crafts natural wines in small batches. Levan has a mission to repair the damage that was made to the Georgian wine culture by the Soviet Union. During that period, winemaking was industrialized in Georgia as the country was the main wine supplier for the whole soviet union. Levan’s artisanal wines reflect the true characteristics of an exceptional Georgian wine.

Saperavi by Marbano | 2019

  • Natural wine
    Brand: Marbano

    Composition: 100% Saperavi 
    Style: Dry red wine
    Aging: in bottles for 2 years 

    Alcohol: 14.5%

    Production: <1000 bottles
    Total Sulphites: <40mg/L

    Profile: Round-grained khashmi Bolnisi Saperavi grapes are harvested in early October. For 9 months, fermented in Qvevri.Deep purple color, medium intensity aromas of black cherry, vanilla, and jam. Slightly off-dry, high acid, medium tannin, high alcohol, medium body. It is as sweet as love, as pure as an angel, and tender and affectionate like a sea.

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